Our Values

Church of the Saviour Values

  • Experiencing God’s presence in worship
  • Caregiving the finds a need and fills it, finds a hurt and heals it
  • Each one reach one evangelism 
  • Bible-based teaching
  • Spirit led prayer
  • Developing our personal relationship with God through spiritual formation
  • Equipping Christians to reach others
  • Loving, accepting, and forgiving fellowship


Worship. All glory to God, praise, corporate, spirit-filled, heartfelt encounter with God, freedom, holistic, experiencing God's presence through praise, ascribing His worship

Caregiving. Others above ourselves, Find a Hurt and Heal It, opportunities to love, God’s hands extended, faith in action, serving one another, experiencing God’s love

Evangelism. Relational, Each One Reach One

Teaching. Bible based

Prayer. Continuous, communication with God, Spirit led prayer, effectual and fervent 

Spiritual Formation. Practicing the presence of God, encounter with God, developing personal relationship with God 

Small Groups. Fellowship, discipleship, prayer, team, community, accountability, close caring fellowship

Equipping Christians. Empowering for ministry, disciples making disciples, equipping ourselves to reach others

Fellowship. Sincere and heartfelt, loving, acceptance, forgiving fellowship