Sunday Morning Service – 10:00a
Research Hour Classes – 9:00a (resume January 17th, 2021)
OR join us at 10:00a on Facebook LIVE

Hear previous weeks sermons broadcast on:

WVMC 102.7 FM from 10:30 AM to 11 AM

WKVX 960 AM from 10 AM to 10:30 AM

At Church of the Saviour we are committed to creating an environment that all perspectives
feel safe & valued in, no matter where you land regarding this situation.


To make that possible, our weekend service has been redesigned to create an atmosphere that allows for personal physical space, while also maintaining a warm and uplifting setting.



No designated greeting time

No passing of offering plates

No Java Spot

No classes before service


Fellowship with other believers

Unity among God’s people

Worshiping together in the Sanctuary

10:00 am service available in parking lot on FM 88.3

Facebook Live & coswooster.com

Studying God’s Word together

Encouragement to one another
Please be considerate to each other in regards to those wearing or not wearing a mask,
shaking hands or having close personal interaction. Remember to wash your hands & use sanitizer.
We’ve been grateful for the ability to still be able to worship together throughout this time. We encourage you to continue to attend online if you or a family member feels ill or even if you are just not ready to attend church in person. Remember, you are still part of the Church of the Saviour’s body however you choose to attend.
QUESTIONS? Contact Senior Pastor Brent Durham @ 330-317-6030